Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear An Apron?

I love cooking, but I also love wearing great clothes, and honestly the two don't really mix all that well. What I can't understand is why aprons are not super popular in the kitchen.  They save your clothes, provide ready pockets, make you feel like a real chef, and just look cool!

I have a collection of aprons that dates back to my grandma's closet. My preference is bib style aprons or pinafore style aprons to get the most clothes-coverage! The classic waist apron offers a high cuteness factor, but not a lot of coverage. It is more likely to be used when you want to look cute, but aren't dealing with a lot of sauces. 

I have to admit, I get stuck in a rut with my aprons, pulling out the same red polka dot bib apron again and again until I start digging around in my apron drawer and find something unexpected.  The pinafore apron is my absolute favorite because it provides great coverage, but also because you feel like a super cool version of yourself when you wear it, kind of like you are about to make something spectacular! 

Aprons actually date back to the 1500s, pretty crazy, right? And the word apron is actually from the French word, napperon, which means 'doily' or 'small tablecloth.' I am not alone in my house with respect to wearing aprons, my husband has a mini-collection of pretty cool aprons, my sons have aprons, and of course, my granddaughter has a bunch of super cute aprons, even some I made her. Check out the video of Lucy's super cute Minnie Mouse apron...Best of all, it still fits her and I made it three years ago. 

So, why I am pushing this apron wearing agenda so hard? Probably because I love cooking and whenever I put on my apron, it signals to my family that I am present and ready to make something wonderful. It also signals to me that while I am a career-focused woman, I am also a wife, mommy, and grandma that wants everyone to enjoy excellent food. 

Look for a new post coming soon on how to sew a pinafore apron...Pinafore aprons can make you feel like a painter, crafter, or a chef! 🙂

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