My favorite lip gloss…

 I am actually a lipstick girl, so my love of this product doesn't come naturally. Back in the 80s, when I learned that Chanel was retiring one of their lipstick lines that carried my favorite red, I bought as many as I could afford. Red lipstick signifies what I love about French women and their seemingly laissez-faire approach to beauty...Truthfully, French women love beauty products and are masters at taking care of their skin, however they seem to do it effortlessly. Anyways, back to my favorite lip gloss. This product is long-lasting, the perfect color for everyone, and simple to wear. When I am just not feeling red, Nars Lip Gloss does the job every time.

Vogue just published the best reds for 2018 and I plan on purchasing some of these soon.

Gloss it up!

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