Circle Skirts Done a Different Way!

I love sewing for my granddaughter...It is just so rewarding to see her twirl and spin when she puts on a new outfit that I made! I have been making circle skirts for her since she was about two, so I have a lot of leftover fabric. 

Last Saturday, I decided to spend several hours making circle skirts for Lucy, but I wanted to try something different.  My goal was to find a way to use the leftover fabric once I cut out the 'donut' needed for a skirt. I got this idea because I had so much leftover fabric from years of making circle skirts out of one yard of fabric. Basically, I was left with many pieces like the one pictured to the right. 

Material after you cut out your circle skirt! Save it, this is what you will use to make the fun skirt above.

What I realized is that if I took my circle skirt pattern and folded it in half, I could cut four pieces of the pattern out of each leftover piece of fabric. You will need 8 total pieces of the 1/4 pattern in order to create the 'donut' for the circle skirt. Once I cut out 8 pattern pieces, 4 of each fabric, I sew them together.  Now, if you are not familiar with how to make circle skirts, you will need to create a pattern using waist and length measurements. Once you get the math figured out and create a paper pattern, you are ready to go. By Hand London has the best circle skirt calculator, so I just hop over there whenever my measurements change. 

I used my serger for this as it just makes the process faster. As you sew the 8 pieces together, the circle begins to take shape. Once you finish, simple add a hem and elastic waistband. Voila, you have a beautiful circle skirt! If you are a total newbie to circle skirts and I have confused you, please check out one of my favorite bloggers, Dana over at Made Everyday. Her circle skirt video is simple to follow, I have included it at the end of this post. One you are familiar with the process, you will find it easy to create these fun skirts. 

Finished product before adding elastic waistband!

I used a serger to piece the skirt together!

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