Lucy’s Game

So, this past Christmas, I wanted to plan something that we could all do together after opening all of the presents and eating lots of food. It is difficult to find an activity that will be fun for all because we are 50, 23, 22, 18, 13, and 3! 

How can we all be entertained together, you ask? I think I found the way...

Our family loves movies, so I got to thinking, what about a collection of movie quotes that would resonate with all of us, even Lucy, our 3-year old granddaughter? I spent some time considering how to make an actual game out of this idea. I settled on printing movie quotes on small cards, noting the character name and movie title at the bottom of each card. I  decorated a mason jar with ribbons and stuffed the cards inside. The game was an absolute success. Lucy did such an amazing job guessing the quotes and we all had a great deal of fun. As I was researching quotes for the game, I realized that other families might want to get in on the fun too.  For right now, I have uploaded a simple doc to download and cut out on card stock, however I am working on creating a SVG download for a Cricut or Silhouette soon. Also, I plan on creating some additional sets of this game to appeal to the Star Wars aficionado, the classic movie lover, or perhaps, the romantic comedy groupie. I am not sure, but I will definitely keep you posted! 

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