Physical GraffiTea

We recently returned to New York City with two of our sons. It was a wonderful trip, albeit extremely cold. We are North Carolinians now, we can't stand the cold anymore. Anyways, back to our trip, it was fantastic and we so enjoyed sharing some of the our favorite NYC spots with the boys. Physical GraffiTea is one of those spots. Physical GraffiTea is on the ground floor of the historic "Physical Graffiti" buildings that graced the cover of the Led Zeppelin album of the same name.  Now that is a cool bit of history as well! 

The tea is amazing...we tried Nutty Apple and Earl Grey. The Nutty Apple is a great cold weather tea, it really warmed us up. They have a subscription service and I am thinking that we might have to ditch our monthly order of Harney & Sons in favor of this great tea. We are kind of tea connoisseurs at our time I made a pot of Earl Grey and middle son, Riley, actually knew that I boiled the water at a temperature higher than 212°.  He said he could taste the burnt quality of the leaves, really Riley? Anyways, I am extra careful now to get out the electric teakettle and use the correct setting for the type of tea I am making. 


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