Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Colleen Mallory. I grew up in Ohio, and our family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina about seven years ago to get away from the cold weather. My husband and I run a business together, and I have been blogging on that site for years. Recently, I decided to expand our blog topics to include some more personal stuff. I am a teacher at heart. Brian and I have three boys, Addison, Riley, and Logan. Addison is a 25 year old artist, aquarist, and daddy to Lucy. Riley is 20, attends Skidmore College, and is quite the movie aficionado. Logan is 15 and determined to have a "normal high school experience!" Luscinia Arlandria (Lucy) is our beautiful and amazing granddaughter.

Sharing is what I love about blogging!

When I discover a book that moved me, I want you to read it immediately. If I can connect something that I read with my love of philosophy, I think you should know about it right away. When I discover a product that makes cleaning more efficient, I want you to buy one too. If I find a faster way to sew my granddaughter a circle skirt, I think you should buy some fabric. You get the idea, I want to share my love of the human experience.

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